NMD 011 (Pty) Ltd is a 100 % black owned and managed, BBBEE level 1business servicing the mining, construction and other industries. The company was established early in 2016 to provide clients with high quality goods, products and services.

Our five fundamental core values reflect and reinforce our character as company and how we expect our employees to conduct themselves in their interaction with all the company’s stakeholders;

Core Values


Our employees are expected to earn trust from clients by demonstrating the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.


Our employees’ actions must always be undertaken with due regard for upholding and adhering to safety, health, environmental and quality standards and legislation.


Our employees are expected to develop and embrace ideas that move the company forward and serve our clients.


Our employees are expected to be open, candid and truthful in all their actions.


Our employees are expected to work hard to earn business partners’ respect and trust on any work they conduct.